Wedding Pen Set

This one-of-a-kind handcrafted bronze pen set is an absolute must-have accompaniment to your bridal/wedding registry book. It pairs well with all books and adds elegance to utility in a "forever" memento of your wedding.

Cast of bronze as are all LoraBell Lifestyle Collection bells, this pen set includes a brass and acrylic free-swinging striking mechanism allowing it to ring with a light swing. A brass funnel is attached to the crown which in turn holds the standard adornment of a white flower and ribbon. In the sleek funnel is placed a black pen with a brass band. Personalization of the bell casting through engraving is included. Customized embellishment options are available in our Build-A-Bell section .

The highly polished bronze bell is approximately 2 3/8" wide at the base and with the funnel extended, 5 3/4" high. The pen, when inserted in the funnel, adds about 4 more inches vertically. Its weight is approximately 5.7 ounces.
  • Model: W007
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