Newborn Candle Holder

Festive color and shiny objects lend joy and awe to their environment as do these lovely candle holders. Elegant staples for your party table or mantel, every candle holder will be a perfect gift or maybe a keeper! Add to your diverse collection of typical brass candle holders, and this bronze lovely will be one-of-a-kind. Include one or several in your baby shower party plans and the light up your celebration even more.

Cast of 100% pure bronze with a custom-made bronze bezel and candle base, each has been meticulously handcrafted by America's Premier Bellcraftsmen. The bronze bell casting has a modified crown fitted with a bronze bezel with supporting base for your 3/4" based candles (candle not included). Included is a glass bobeche. The yellow ribbon and flowers are standard. Please visit our Build-A-Bell section to customize your purchase.

Width at the base is approximately 2 3/4" and they stand approximately 2 1/2" high without a candle. Weight is about 6 ounces. We have not installed a clapper mechanism for safety purposes.
  • Model: NB010
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