Holiday Long Stem Bell Vase

LoraBell's unique bronze long stemmed holiday vase* is a variation on its larger-scaled relatives and carries their same beauty and elegance. Designed to fit a smaller table, desk or bookcase shelf, these exclusive and meticulously crafted vessels reflect your taste for high quality artisanal products made proudly in America. Adorn your home for the holiday with these highly polished beautiful vases, or gift them to a lucky friend!

A raised bronze bell casting is elevated by a handcrafted bronze stem. The mouth of the bell vase is approximately 3" wide and its height is approximately 6 1/2" without flowers (not included).

Red and Green ribbons and flowers are standard. Please visit our Build-A-Bell section for customization options.

*vessel is not water-tight; please use liner if filling with liquid
  • Model: H009