Devotional Faith Pen Set

A classic desk pen set is always a useful and welcome gift. Now there is a pen set of a different nature which is certain to delight. Artisan-crafted and engraved with "FAITH" in large block letters, this is an uplifting gift on the personal, clerical, and corporate levels.

Composed of 100% bronze, the bell casting has been precision tuned and highly polished to a jeweler's finish. The free-swinging clapper mechanism allows it to ring brightly with just a gentle swing. Topped with a brass finial and pen funnel, more function is added to this beautiful piece. A black pen with a brass band is seated in the funnel to complete the gift.

The diameter of the bell mouth which serves as the base is approximately 2 3/8" and it stands approximately 5 7/8" high to the top of the pen funnel if extended in a fully vertical position. Addition of the pen adds another 3" to height.
  • Model: D007