Devotional Dinner Bell - Ps. 23

Probably the foremost association of bells is with certain religions, and the LoraBell Devotional Collection adapts this relationship into bells that fit within anyone's beliefs and lifestyle. This dinner bell is engraved with the first phrase in the Book of Psalms verse 23 from the Christian Bible.

The first recorded usage of bells in Christian churches was in 600 A.D. in ancient Rome. Bells ringing the call to worship have been employed as such ever since, and now with the dinner bell pictured here, you may enjoy the pure sound of precisely tuned bronze bells to gather your own flock.

Cast of 100% bell bronze, this bell has a free-swinging clapper mechanism with an acrylic ball allowing the bell to ring easily and at a high volume. The walnut handle has a dark stain finish. Customization is available in our Build-A-Bell section.

Castings measure approximately 2 1/8" wide by 2" high. The handle adds approximately 4 1/8" to the casting height. Weight is about 7 ounces.
  • Model: D001