Americana - Ribbon Bell

This gift bell is the perfect item to use in fundraising. With the organization's name and logo engraved (optional)on the 100% bronze bell casting, they make great items to be auctioned. They are also popular acknowledgements, when customized, given to generous donors and supporters of any cause and make wonderful corporate gifts.

This gift bell is similar in outer appearance to our parent (Malmark Bellcraftsmen) company's musical handbell line of instruments. The extruded handle which houses an insert with the silkscreened musical pitch on the musical handbell by Malmark has been replaced in the gift bell's handle with a ribbon of America's colors. It is protected from dirt by the surlyn extrusion. A handguard or collar is also present with our parent company's name replaced by a gold layer silkscreened on the underside, also protected.

Engraving available as previously noted. Please visit our Build-A-Bell section for further options.

Standing at 7" tall, the bell is equipped with a brass and acrylic clapper mechanism. The width is approximately 2 5/8".
  • Model: A017
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