Dinner Bell Medium

Beautifully handcrafted bronze dinner bells of heirloom quality are welcome gifts and suitable for everyone, from the board room to the kitchen. In marking the service of an employee, or calling the family to dinner, bells have been historically rung to mark any event. Though this is named a "dinner" bell, the purposes are many.

A free-swinging clapper mechanism with an acrylic ball allows the precision tuned bell to ring at a high volume, sure to draw attention and smiles. The walnut handle is available in different stains/colors and the bell castings are offered in three sizes. Pitch varies with the size: the pitch gets higher as the bell gets smaller. The pitch of this Dinner Bell falls between that of the Small and Large Dinner bells.

Customize by choosing Handle Color, Handle Type, and additional embellishments of Ribbon, Bow, Beads, Garland, Flowers as noted. Personalize even more with Optional Engraving.

Castings measure approximately 2 3/4" wide by 2 3/8" high for the medium size Dinner Bell. The walnut stained handle adds approximately 4 1/8" to the casting height. Weight is approximately 13 ounces.
  • Model: BB005
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