Holiday Paired Bells

Holiday gift-giving has never been easier! There is no more distinctive item to gift or grace your decor than the LoraBell paired bells. An exclusive and beautifully handcrafted item, this is the perfect engagement and wedding gift at Christmas as well as a gift to mark the birth of twins. This Holiday Collection choice is an heirloom quality gift which will be displayed and not packed away.

These two bronze bell castings with ringing mechanisms make holiday gift-giving and decorating a joy that is sure to please. Joined by a stained walnut yoke, two meticulously lathe turned and precision tuned bronze bell castings become one unit. An acrylic ball on a brass shaft is integrated into each bell to swing freely and when the bells are gently swung, result in bright ringing. Due to the nature and high quality craftsmanship of the bronze bell castings, the resulting tone is a pure tuned pitch and not the unpleasant clanking of the typical brass bells.

Engraving available. Standard adornment of red and green ribbons and flowers. Customization available in our Build-A-Bell section.

The bells are 2" wide at their mouths and the unit stands 2 3/4" high; weight is approximately 11.3 ounces.
  • Model: H008
( +$9.99 )